“Absolutely brilliant Dermalogica facial, gorgeous products, steam was amazing, heavenly head massage while the products got to work and the heated bed was the deliciously cosey icing on the cake!  I left feeling completely relaxed and in awe of how smooth our skin was.”


“I had Micro Needling Therapy. My skin (even after the first Treatment) is brighter and tighter and lifted overall with a youthful hue. The pores are smaller and the texture is smoother. The colour was fantastic, friends said, ‘you look fantastic, what have you been doing?'”

Rachel, treated by Monique Hart

“Today I had a hot lava shell massage at The Hart Spa. This was my first ever visit and I was not disappointed! My therapist Monique Hart, made me feel relaxed and welcome from the moment I met her. My treatment was out of this world (and I have been to many good spa’s) after and even now I feel as though I am floating on thin air, I have never experienced such professionalism.”


“Being on the computer all day at work caused my frozen shoulder. My left arm could not raise up, more left or right, even backwards without pain. After the session of Chinese Fire Cupping. I could already feel my muscles relax and my problem improved! I’m continuing to go back for treatment and it is getting better each time!!”