Monique Hart Products

m-h-pMonique created her first product in 2013 whilst in the midst of a traumatic period in her life. She needed to find inner strength to get her through a very personal and stressful many years so, as a practicing beauty therapist turned to what she knew best, her oils, to develop her very own bespoke blend.

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Monique is based in Staffordshire at The Hart Spa and uses her bespoke blend within her treatment rooms, her healing hands coupled with her experience has earned her a dedicated following. Amongst her many loyal clients it became apparent they also suffered with lack of sleep and stress, it was a huge issue not only for her.

She then found inspiration from her grandad’s beautiful walled garden and woodlands where she came across the bleeding heart plant, then talking with experts at the garden centre where the peace and tranquility was the perfect space to learn more about the flowers and plants and how they can be utilised within her products.

Key to all Monique Hart products is harnessing the power of the Bleeding Heart Essence, it is an essence to purify and strengthen the heart and to remove the shadow of sadness and allow you to open your heart to love and happiness

Monique champions the use the bleeding heart essence it is not commonly used in products, the bleeding heart essence has powerful properties making it a perfect and unique ingredient to be carefully blended with the purest and finest sourced essential oils to create the bespoke Monique Hart products.

The products are a pleasure to use with delicate aromas and fragranced only by 100 % natural essential oils, the result is a truly sensorial experience.