Top tips on the natural way to enhance your sleep

“A recent survey by Prof Richard Wiseman of Hertfordshire University shows more than 28m people in the UK regularly get no more than seven hours sleep a night.” A shocking fact as not getting enough sleep affects all areas of our lives,…

“The Hart Spa is bringing the calm zen of their retreat into your office or home”

Monique is offering a series of indulgent massages whilst integrating her sought after Joie de Vivre and Bonne Nuit candles and facial essences - both organic, natural and perfect for de-stressing and switching off from everyday life.…
Joie De Vivre diffuser

“Give your mum a daily boost of wellbeing and happiness”

A long-lasting and awakening aroma with the Joie De Vivre diffuser as featured in Hello magazine, read the full article here

Belle Bridal Loves Monique Hart! Perfect for settling those pre wedding jitters

The Bleeding Hart Mist and Candle blend the therapeutic benefits of the purest botanical essential oils with a unique and powerful essence, Peace, calm, balance and sleep; these products are perfect during the run-up and on your big day.